We sell and install replacement LCD instrument cluster display screens for Volkswagens.

Does the red display screen in the center of your instrument cluster fade in hot weather?

We can replace it with a new and improved display which will not fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, email: rick@lcdautotech.com
then I will contact you to be sure that you have a half-height display and we can schedule a time to replace your display and I will give you the shipping address.

Then, you take the instrument cluster out of your car and ship the cluster to Saint Paul, MN. I replace the display and ship the cluster back to you.

I only replace the half-height displays, the displays that cover the lower half of the display area, not the full-height displays. If you have a VW with a half-height display, I can replace it.

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Packages shipped via UPS are available to me very early in the morning. If I receive your instrument cluster via UPS, I will replace the display and get the package to the return shipper (USPS) on the same day. Packages sent via other shippers (USPS, Fedex, etc.) may not arrive early enough to be finished in time before the same day shipping deadlines. I use USPS 2-Day Priority shipping for return shipping. If you need your cluster returned faster, I can calculate the extra shipping cost for you.

Packages arriving on Thursday or Friday might require an extra return shipping day because Sunday is generally not included in the "2-day" timeframe.

Original Equipment Manufacturer displays are not available. Your display will be replaced with a new Italian display. The background of the Italian displays is not completely black like the OEM displays, the background has some faint red showing, which is noticable when dark but not noticable in sunlight.
The price is $179

You can include a check in the box when you ship your cluster or you can pay with PayPal using either your PayPal account or a credit card.
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Contact Us

Email:  rick@lcdautotech.com

or use the contact form below.  Email is preferred but if you need to phone, you can leave a voicemail at 612‑234‑7610 and I will return your call asap.